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I welcome you on my Homepage for my facility for internal medicine.
My offices are specialized for examination and treatment of the following medical areas:

I place great emphasis on preventive medicine in cardiology.
With evidence-based preventive medicine, it is possible to avoid the development of many cardiac diseases or to stop the developing diseases.

Diseases in these areas are treated by me and my colleagues with the highest competence and empathy.
We keep up with current scientific progress by taking part in continuous educational measures.

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If you wish to receive further information on our range of treatment, you may contact us in person any time.


We have moved,
to Bahnstr. 24, Langen into the Ärztehaus
(opposite the old practice)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 – 12:00
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:
14:00 – 17:00 and by appointment

by phone we are Mo.-Fr. von 10:00-12:00 and Mo.,Di and Do. 14:00-17:00 to reach

Tel: 06103 / 50 24 899
Fax: 06103 / 45 91 577

Tour through the practice

Heart and vascular disease (Cardiology)

The cardiology and angiology deals with circulatory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as artery diseases (Arteriosklerose).

Those illnesses lead the cause of death statistics in western countries.

When dealing with cardiovascular diseases, heredity plays a central role – that’s why the treatment process starts with a survey of past diseases in the family (family history), afterwards a throughout physical examination takes part.

Additionally, I offer the following cardiological examinations on a case by case basis:

  • ECG (stress, resting) (Ergometry)
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Long-term blood pressure reading
  • Long-term ECG
  • Colour Doppler ultrasonography of the hearth or other venes and arteries
  • Myocardial scintigraphy and cardiac catheter examinations are applied by cooperating medical facilities

Sports medicine

As a sports medicine practitioner and cardiologist, I test an adults ability to perform sport activities and check for any risks associated with cardiovascular diseases.
Additionally I determine the performance ability via “Laktat”-performance diagnostic to measure aerobe endurance/performance.

Prevention and Check-Up


  • Physical examination
  • Blood analysis
  • Ekectrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Pulmonary function test (PFT)
  • Cardiac examination to prevent heart attack
  • Abdominal sonography (Examination of liver, gall, spleen, visceral artery, kidney, urinary bladder, prostate and bowel)
  • Thyroid sonography
  • Carotid sonography (examination of possible closures and calcium deposits, preventing strokes)
  • Stress echocardiography (Detection of possible hearth insufficiency or closure of the conorary vessel, to prevent heart failure)

Keeping healthy is our most important quality. To accomplish this, check-ups by competent medical staff, as you will find in our facility, is necessary, so we can live a long and peaceful life.
Why you should attend a check-up:

  • Prevent heart failure,
  • prevent a stroke,
  • early detection of various cancer variants and the treatment thereafter,
  • possibility of genetic diseases.
  • Risk assessment for various diseases, especially heart relate,
  • Improve your general wellbeing,
  • Alleviate inflammations throughout the body,
  • Keep track of physical changes of your body.

Should the occasion arise, continued medical specialist care including MRT full body examination.

Our medical services:
A meeting discussing anamnestic and physical concerns and preparation. Existing health problems, genetic diseases.
During the appointments, support by persian speaking translator.
A throughout closing dialogue after the medical examinations.

Hypertensiology (the science of high blood pressure)

Hypertensiology (hypertension) is concerned with the treatment of arterial hypertension (hypertension).
Usually, hypertension does not show any symptoms. Unspecific symptoms such as headache, nose bleeding, dizziness can be an indication.
Consequences of long-term hypertension without optimal treatment are the vessel limescale and the resulting changes in the vessels, especially in the heart (coronary heart disease with myocardial infarction and cardiac insufficiency), but also peripherally at the extremities (arterial occlusive disease), eyes (retinopathy to blindness) and kidneys (Nephropathy to renal failure).
One of the most frequent causes of hypertension, however, remains the stroke. For this reason, untreated hypertension is one of the most common causes of death.

Thyroid disease

The tyroid influences the whole respiratory system, growth, almost the complete metabolic system and the psyche.
health problems due to a thyroid disease can become apparent through impaired ability to swallow or hormonic dysfunction.
A malicious transformation of the thyroid, often times caused by lack of iodine, happens quite often in germany.
Many people have knots on the tyroid. Its form, size and function can indicate if it poses a medical threat.

Our Team

Dr. med. Wase Talash

  • Medical specialist for cardiology
  • Medical specialist for internal medicine
  • Sport medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Hypertensiology
  • 1990 Study of Human Medicine at the University Clinic Eppendorf in Hamburg
  • 1995 Study of Human Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn
  • 2000 Start of Prompting About ENT Tumors
  • 1999-2002 Assistant physician in the clinic for cardiac surgery in Karlsruhe
  • 2002-2009 Training as an internist and cardiologist in the Klinikum Worms
  • 2008 Specialist Internal Medicine
  • 2009 Cardiology specialist
  • 2010 Additional designation emergency medicine
  • Additional description of nutritional medicine
  • 2012 Additional description Hypertensiology
  • 2013 Dissertation on TAVI in high-grade aortic valve stenoses
  • 2013 Freelance Cardiology at the Esculap Clinic in Giessen
  • 2014 Collaboration in the internal cardiological practice Dr. Rudolph             


  • German Society of Internal Medicine
  • German Society of Cardiology
  • German Society of Hypertensiology
  • Federal Association of German Internists
  • Federal Association of Cardiologists
  • Cooperative of Cardiologists in Hesse

Dr. med. Ruzbeh Zaker

  • Medical specialist for cardiology
  • Medical specialist for internal medicine
  • 1997 study of human medicine at the north Rhine-Westphalian technical college in Aachen
  • 2003 – 2007 assistant physician of internal medicine and cardiology at Kantosspital in Lucerne
  • 2007 assistant physician of cardiology at Inselspital Bern
  • 2011 assistant physician at Heartcenter Leipzig
  • 2007 dissertation on diagnostics of coronary heart disease in clinical everyday life
  • 2011 specialist for cardiology and internal medicine (FMH Switzerland), senior physician at general hospital Wertingen
  • 2012 cardiology specialist at medical care center Augsburg
  • 2013 cardiology specialist at medical care center Offenbach am Main, medical director since 2017
  • 2022 private practice in Karben

Dr. med. Marcus Mittag

  • Medical spiecialist for cardiology
  • Medical specialist for internal medicine
  • Sport medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • 1985 – 1992 study of Human Medicine at Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt
  • 1992 – 2002 assistant physician in municipal clinic Frankfurt-Höchst, most recently as senior physician
  • 1995 promotion
  • 1998 Medical specialist for internal medicine
  • 2002 Medical specialist for cardiology
  • 2002 Asklepios clinic Langen, clinic for cardiology, angiology and internal intensive care, as conductive senior physician since 2012
  • 2006 additional designation emergency medicine
  • 2007 hypertensiologist deutsche Hochdruckliga (German Association for High Blood Preassure)
  • 2008 additional designation sport medicine
  • 2014 additional designation interventional cardiology
  • 2014 additional designation specific rhythmology – aktive rhythm implants
  • 2021 additional designation heart insufficiency


  • German Society of Cardiology
  • International Association American College of Cardiology
  • German Association for Sport Medicine and Prevention
  • Heart failure association of the European Socitey of Cardiology
  • Working group for interventional cardiology of the German Cardiology Association
  • German Association for hypertensiology

Sandra Lokmic

Medical assistant

Isabella Tardio

Medical assistant

Yana Schildmann

Medical assistant

Yamina Fraji-Arjoun


Navreet Kaur


How can we help you?

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Dr. med. Wase Talash
Bahnstraße 24
63225 Langen

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